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Other Work


Select publications:

“Remembering the Hatred that Still Haunts the Earth” Time Magazine

“On Anxiety” The Threepenny Review

“What Almost Four Years in the Land of Infertility Taught Me About Waiting” Time Magazine

“She Grew Up on a Remote Italian Island. Then came the Holocaust” The New York Times

A review of memoirs by Glen David Gold and Edward M. Hallowell for the TLS

“Quello che ho imparato in giro per i festival Italiani” La Repubblica 

“Mia Nonna Huffy, la Storyteller di Hollywood” La Repubblica

“Developing Stories”, a peek into the world of The Mighty Franks Work in Progress (English) and (Italian) Biancamano 2

“Meeting the Perfect Translator for My Book” Lit Hub

“My Grandmother Huffy, Legendary Hollywood Story Whisperer” Lit Hub

“Five Best”, a column on books that blur the line between memoir and novel The Wall Street Journal

“The Menorah as Symbol and Myth”, a review of a joint exhibition about the history, evolution, and fate of the menorah at the Vatican Museums and the Jewish Museum of Rome, the first-ever collaboration between the two institutions Tablet

“A Holocaust Story from the White Pages” a piece about the ghostly lives of foreign Jews in Italy during the war years Tablet

“Finding Your Audiobook Voice,” an essay about recording the audiobook version of The Mighty Franks The Atlantic

“Favorite Place: Genoa” The New York Times

“Finding Ourselves in the Venetian Ghetto” Boston Review

“The Mystery of the Missing Jewish Books of Rome” Tablet

“In Morocco Exploring Remnants of Jewish History” The New York Times

“Plath and Hughes: Good Times, Bad Times, and All the Rest of It” The New York Times

“Illuminating Lives in Flight”, a review of Alice Munro’s Runaway The Los Angeles Times Book Review

“Shrink-Wrapped”, a review of Pat Barker’s Border Crossing The Los Angeles Times Book Review

“Underestimate Poe’s Legacy? Nevermore” The New York Times

“The Epistolary Me”, a review of M.F.K.’s letters The Los Angeles Times Book Review

“Telling It All To a Friend: Dear Diary” The New York Times

“Hidden Beauty in Northern Italy” Travel & Leisure