Conversations & Interviews

From Martha Frankel’s conversation with Michael about his “strangely hermetic” family on Woodstock Booktalk: “It was a sort of spider-web-like net in which any time anybody reached out for an individual opinion, perception, or point of view, you would be drawn back in, because everything affected everybody else in the web.  This was something that as a child I took as the way the world worked, the way families worked.”  Listen to the full interview here

Madeleine Brand discusses The Mighty Franks with Michael on Press Play.  Listen to the interview here

A conversation with San Francisco Writers’ Grotto members Bridget Quinn and Larry Rosen on the subject of capturing family life in memoir: listen to the podcast here

From “A Phone call from Paul”: a phone call from  “When you can master a line, meaning a line of language or dialogue or verse, you really can capture any experience, anything you imagine, anything you have lived. It can go back and forth in time, which is essential if you’re going to write a memoir, novel, or a story.” Listen to the full conversation with Paul Holdengräber on LitHub

From “The Wild Constraints of Family,” a conversation in Work in Progress with FSG editor Ileene Smith: “I first read The Mighty Franks in a crowded car on the way back from Vermont. By the time we crossed the state line into New York, I knew I would tell my colleagues that it was the best thing I’d read about a family since The Corrections.”  Read the full conversation

From a conversation in Slate with Maira Kalman about two important closets: “The day after my uncle died I knew I was going to write about my uncle’s closet. I knew I was going to use it as a way to tell his story separately from my aunt’s…” Read the full conversation

From an interview with 4th Estate, the British publishers of The Mighty Franks: “A story at once extremely strange and entirely familiar – about families, innocence, art and love. This hugely enjoyable, totally unforgettable memoir is a classic in the making.” Read the interview